Apoyenos con su firma! We need your signature/firma to Build/Construir our Fiesta De Pueblo Multi-Cultural Community Resource Center where our Palm Beach County’s Hispanic Cultural Groups can teach, share and promote our culture through music, dancing, cooking and all source of indoor/outdoor activities for our children. It will be a place where each Hispanic country will have an office where to help solve social issues. It will help to bring our community together, create more jobs and generate revenue for our local businesses. Ayudenos con su firma para que Los Tres Reyes Magos puedan continuar trayendo alegria a nuestros hijos e hijas. Muchas bendiciones para usted y su familia! Unidos lograremos nuestras metas! Gracias!

Programs currently implemented:


Entrepreneur Education – To develop self-sustaining families.
The services include low cost office rentals, technical assistance, adult and children entrepreneurial workshops, computer learning, bookkeeping services and English classes among others.

Cultural – provide our Hispanic community and cultural organizations a place where they can teach, train and develop our youth as the next generation of artists in music, dancing, painting, cooking, sewing, sports and much more.

Sustainability – Through the education of our children and adults in topics of sustainability stimulating the critical analysis for solutions of our current social issues such as the economic and social inequalities, without jeopardizing the resources that will be needed by future generations (ASEA, 2014).

E-Commerce – To empower family-owned businesses through the utilization of technology to open new sources of innovation and foster entrepreneurship.

Youth Advocacy and Civic Involvement – Engage our Youth in the political process.

Leaders Development Institute –designed to motivate, empower and support the next generation of professionals and business owners leadership. Promote community engagement and recruitment opportunities for rising leaders. To teach and mentor 21st-century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader.

Disaster Relieve Emergency Center – To gather donations and temporarily assist those looking for shelter.

Support Groups – create activities for all those suffering from depression, anxiety and eating disorder, among others.

Food Bank – provide leadership to relieve hunger and prevent hunger in collaboration with local businesses.

Fiesta De Pueblo, Inc. Strategic Educational Plan