Fiesta de Pueblo USA (Town Fest) celebrando los Tres Reyes Magos Enero 11, 2020 Samuel J. Ferreri Community Park 2905 Jog Road Greenacres, Florida 33467

Three Magic Kings (Town Fest) provide a unique, cross-cultural family event that engages the general public in an educational experience that highlights the Hispanic culture through music, food and art. Fiesta de Pueblo enables our Hispanic community to showcase its resources, products and services.
We focus on Education, Community, Culture and Commerce. Fiesta de Pueblo features parades, games, arts, amusement park rides, regional food, and live entertainment.

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Gerardo Vega & Hernán Contreras

Gerardo Vega Photo-300

Los Hermanos Ayala

los hermanos ayala-300

Festival Program

Fiesta De Pueblo Enero 11, 2020 Area de Juegos para Niños/Children Play Area open from 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM.2905 Jog Road Greenacres, Florida 33467

1:00 pm
DJ Abby & DJ Caliche playing the best Salsa, Bachata, Merengue y Reggaetton. Food Vendors Open For Lunch.

1:20 pm
PBSO Color Guard

1:30 pm
Mrs. Iraida Loehrig U.S. National Anthem

1:35 pm
PBSO Community Message.

1:45 pm
Zumba Dance with Betty Rodriguez.

2:00 pm
Guatemala Cultural Dance Group

2:15 pm
Uruguay Cultural Dance Group

2:30 pm
Mexico Magico Cultural Dance Group

2:45 pm
To Be Announce

3:00 pm
Gerardo Vega y su Musica Sierrena

3:15 pm
Fantasia Colombiana Cultural Dance Group

3:30 pm
Paraguay Cultural Dance Group

3:45 pm
Venezuela Danza y Tambor.

4:00 pm
Peruvian Cultural Dance Group.

4:15 pm
Bolivia Cultural Dance Group.

4:30 pm
Trova, Musica y Humor Colombiano.

4:45 pm
Desfile Cultural de los Tres Reyes Magos con La Associacion de Ministros Hispanos de PBC.

5:00 pm
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Community Message.

5:15 pm
Live Music La Gran Parranda".

6:00 pm
Live Music Pico a Pico entre Colombia y Puerto Rico

6:40 pm
Brazil Cultural Samba & Capoeira Show

7:00 pm
Live Music Merengue.

8:00 pm
Live Urbana Music with La Navie.

8:15 pm
Live Music Salsa.

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Cultural Leadership from 21 Countries

santos arroyo 3
Santos Arroyo
Sam Roman
Juan Pagan
jose andrade 3
Jose Andrade
maria christina bejaramos 3
Maria C. Bejarano
Minerva Vargas 3
Minerva Vargas

Robert Andino Photo 3
Robert Andino
Puerto Rico
Rosmery Alonzo Photo 3
Rosmery Alonzo
Marita Alvarez Photo 3
Marita Alvarez
Ximena Bolch Photo 3
Ximena Bolt
Natividad Giminez 3
Natividad Gimenez
reynaldo a duran 3
Reynaldo A. Duran
Republica Dominicana

Victor Verdecia Puzzangara Photo 3
Victor Verdecia
Adela Hurtado
Adela Hurtado
Susana Ramirez Argentina 3
Susana Ramirez
Celia Lema – Uruguay 3
Celia Lema
Lazaro J. Mur, Esq., JD, LLM-cuba
Lazaro J. Mur, Esq., JD, LLM
Tania Villatoro
Tania Villatoro
El Salvador

Adriano Nunes
Max Luciano – Brazil
Luciano Maas
Edgardo Rivera Photo
Edgardo Rivera
Puerto Rico
Gioconda Coloma Photo 2019
Gioconda Coloma
Arlen Castillo photo
Arlen Castillo
Monica Hernandez photo
Monica Hernandez
Nancy Chavez Photo 2019
Nancy Chavez
Griselda Raquel Barreto Photo 2019-1
Griselda Raquel Barreto
Reinery El Vikingo Diaz Photo 2019
Reinery "El Vikingo" Diaz
Solymar Figueroa Couto Teacher
Solymar Figueroa Couto
Puerto Rico

Fiesta de Pueblo & Business Expo started as a radio show in 2006 and established as a cultural event in 2011 the mission of the Fiesta de Pueblo a nonprofit corporation 501 (C3) organized and existing pursuant to Chapter 617, Florida Statutes is to enhance the image of the Hispanic community with a unique, educational quality event that reflect the vastness of our culture.  Fiesta de Pueblo enables our Hispanic community to showcase its resources, products, and services as well as serving as a meeting point for community leaders and organizations to engage the mainstream population.

Our goal is to become the premier Hispanic event in USA by helping businesses, professionals and individuals reach their full potential.

  • To educate, help and support our Youth to build successful careers and businesses.
  • To create a National Multi-cultural Community & Business Resource Center.
  • To invite positive National recognition while attracting attention to the County where it's celebrated as a tourist destination.


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